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How to play Zyngo

Zyngo is a game of skill. You also need a little bit of luck.

The main goal of Zyngo is to match as many symbols as possible to complete horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines (like Bingo). Each completed line gives you an extra bonus case when you need to pick one at the end of the game.

If you do not get any lines completed during the game, the bonus round is skipped and the game ends.

Each game has 12 rounds. In each round you will get 4 numbers which are generated completely at random. Match the number on the spinner with the row above it.

If you get a WILD you may choose any number in the row above that WILD.

Click the SPINNER real to move to the next round.

At the end of the 12 rounds, if you have completed at least 1 line, you will go into the bonus round. In the bonus round you choose 1 case. It's contents will directly effect your score. The contents varies from half your score (that's right -50%) to 20.000 points and is presented randomly.

The Scoring table:

Matched Silver Case : +250 points
Matched Golf Case : +1000 points

Completed Line : +1000 points
Full board : +6000 points

All 6 Gold Cases : +50% of your score

A Dollar Sign : +1000 points
Our Lovely Lady : +5% or +10% or +20% of your score (random)

The Evil Banker : -25% or -50% of your score watch out for the Evil Banker!

O, each spin will get you +100 points if you did not get any points from numbers of symbols.

Have fun!!

1) Click on the "winner pays 4 to 1" text right beneath the spinner to switch to another level (works only when game is finished of course).
2) Click on the "payout" text in left bottom corner to enter the hall of fame.